Laughter Dose Fun

🙂 Laughing is good therapy in today’s routine life. BeautyMyLife initiates following rare and latest collection of Jokes to make it possible.

First Friend: It’s every difficult to Love a teacher.
Second Friend: Why so?
First Friend: I had written a Love Letter, it came back to me highlighting 9 spelling mistakes.

Before Marriage: I am not living without you and you are not without me.
After Marriage: Either you will live or I.

Son: Dad please tell me my blood group.
Father: A+
Son: How strange, A+ grade running my blood cells, but still I get C grade in exams.

Oh dear, don’t keep mobile phone on charging over night!
Wife: Do you think I am fool; I have removed battery before putting on charging.

Dad I like one girl and want to marry her.
Father: Does she like you?
Son: Yes
Father: The girl who has such a bad choice I would not allow be our family member.

Wife: You had drunken a lot today.
Husband: No dear, not at all
Wife: Then why you were saying to Tab, “Don’t cry dear, everything will be all right”