Ginger Tea: A Healthy Sip

Ginger Tea: A Healthy Sip

Most of the people starts day having tea, more often in winter season.
If you are one of them then having ginger tea can add flavor of health.It has many benefits like weight loss, cold, cough, blood flow and kidney infections etc.

How To Prepare Ginger Tea:
There are many ways you can get ginger benefits, following is very simple and quick way with preparing ginger tea.

Boil required amount of water.
Take clean approx 1 inch piece of ginger and put into boiling water for around 10 minutes while covering the vessel.
Rinse boiled water and add few drops of Lemon drops and for taste add sugar. (Honey has more heath advantages over sugar).

If you like you can also prepare tea with adding milk.
Ginger tea benefits in shiver head ache, cold and cough, vomit relief, kidney infection, improves digesting system and also improves blood flow.



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