Why potassium is necessary in pregnancy?

Why potassium is necessary in pregnancy?

For a mother extra care is required specially for each required minerals.

It is very important for a mother to take care of her during pregnancy. At this stage, eating as well as daily routine both are very important.

Pregnant Women Care

Along with other necessary nutrients Potassium is also a necessary element in pregnancy. Potassium with sodium helps keep healthy blood pressure and takes fluid from sodium cells and increases blood pressure and potassium. It helps in maintaining fluid in the cells.

Taking more quantity of sodium increases the stress. Potassium is essential minerals, maintains religion and electrolyte balance in cells in the body. Nerve impulse transmitters in the body by contracting the muscles and carbohydrate from the fat and protein.

Normal woman needs 4700 mg potassium per day. In pregnancy its not need to be increased but to maintain blood pressure its quantity is required.

Increased Potassium Level

During pregnancy blood pressure increases up to 50% from normal level. High potassium levels can be dangerous to other body parts and can cause cardiac arrest, which causes of kidney failures.

Low Potassium Level

Low potassium in the pregnant woman decreases water and swelling in the feet and ankle Dizziness with low blood pressure Abdominal cramps in the fingers can cause abnormal weakness of the abnormal heartbeat and depression.

Based on above observation it is suggested that special consulting should be taken by mother and discuss with doctor.