Pregnancy Sour Food Is Good or Bad ?

Pregnancy Sour Food Is Good or Bad ?

It is very important to know what intake foods can harm at certain stage of pregnancy.

In day to day food there are all minerals are required but at certain stage of pregnancy, special attention is required to be take care.

Sour Food Duing Breast Feeding Good or Bad

Sour Food During Breast Feeding Good or Bad

Immediately after the delivery, the newborn should drink yellow milk of the mother.
After delivery, it takes one and a half months for the woman to come to normal stage.

There may be some things to keep in mind; we can save our infant life in this condition. At BeautyMyLife we are going to tell you required care.
Immediately after delivery women should avoid eating sour food items like lemon pickle, items made from tamarind sauce, cold-colored tea and coffee.
Taking this special care avoiding sour foods, infant mortality rate can be reduced by 20 percent.

After the delivery for feeding baby the prelatic and oxytocin hormones are formed in our body. First yellow milk which is called colostrums has rich proteins and help baby to fight against many diseases. It protects the baby from jaundice.

It is a misconception that mother’s body becomes unattractive, but fact is that breast feeding is control the fear of breast cancer decreases.
Breastfeeding is for 6 months is very important.

Women who do breast-feeding should take care of their health.
Eat it in rice kheer (Recipe Rise boiled into milk ). Take a light roasting of cumin and eating half a spoon with copper vessel water increases the quality of milk. As per Ayurveda taking 5 grams Satavari + Vidarikand mixure with milk increases milk quantity.

So suggestion is to have full control over sour food during breast feeding days and have healthy benefits of it.