Effective Simple Tips To Reduce Chances of Breast Cancer

Effective Simple Tips To Reduce Chances of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is most harmful cancer for women.
Now as days Breast Cancer cases are increasing more. In few cases like family cancer history and genetic conditions, it’s difficult to prevent but in 25-35 % cases prevention is possible while taking few simple routine steps.

Physical Activeness and Awareness
Physically active means positive change in routine life style. It doesn’t mean with some extra heavy exercise but simple regular exercises like, 40 minutes morning walk, cycling, aerobics, swimming, yoga and other light exercises.

Say No To Alcohol And Smoking
Smoking and drinking habits increases chances of breast cancer along with other diseases. So keep avoiding and start controlling this habit if you are into it.

Breast Feeding
New moms should remember and should not avoid breast feeding.
Women doing breast feeding having less chances of breast cancer that who avoids it.
One should understand it’s natural process and human should not interfere it due to social, personal reasons.
It is suggested to do breast feeding as much as possible to new born baby for your benefit and baby’s good health.
Healthy Diet

It is the proven truth  that diet controls everything. So start concentrating eating habits now if not doing already.
Healthy depends on basic body requirements of our routine. But in usual and common way one should
Avoid extra intake:
A. Fat food
B. Oily/Junk food

Include In Diet:
A. Fruits
B. Green vegetables (Carrot, Spinach, Spring Greens, Curcumas Sativa)
C. Dry fruits
D. Low fat dairy product
E. Leafy vegetables

Good Sleep
Our body needs at least 7 hours peaceful sleep. Today’s stressful and busy lifestyle taking this necessary and most important routine thing from our lives.
One should not avoid it at any cost, because in long term it might cost you more than whatever you earned avoiding it.
Stressful life style or no proper sufficient sleep can increase chances of breast cancer along with other harms.