Do You Know Eating and Cooking Vessels Plays Vital Health Impacts

Food Vessels and Health

It might be surprising but vessels used for cooking and serving food

Following list of vessels metal impact benefits/ harms to judge which is good for our health and which one to avoid using

Copper utensil

  • Drinking water kept in a copper vessel, the person is free from disease.
  • Water kept in a copper vessel removes many diseases such as problems related to liver and blood
  • It eliminates the toxic element of the body.

Clay utensil

  • By eating a meal in the clay pots  all the nutrients of food get eaten.
  • Pottery is most suitable for products made from milk and milk.
  • It takes time to cook food in these utensils but this is beneficial for health

Alumina  utensil

  • Alumina pots contain only harm to eating food,
  • it can absorbed iron and calcium .
  • By eating it, all the nutrients are destroyed
  • the bones are weak.
  • By making food in the pressure cooker, 87 % nutrients end.

Iron utensil

  • The food made in the iron utensil is all nutrients, the food it produces enhances the power.
  • Iron element enhances the essential nutrients in the body.
  • Iron eliminates many diseases,
  • it is good to drink milk in iron utensil

Silver utensil

  • Eating food in silver utensils increases the eyesight of the eyes,
  • cools down in the body..