Thyroid Problem Common Body Symptoms

Thyroid Problem Common Body Symptoms

Thyroid gland in our throat releases thyroxin hormones. Thyroxin hormone control metabolism system. Imbalanced thyroid hormones affect body functions internally.
There are incremental cases in women now a day of Thyroid problems. Percentage wise recent days 8 women cases found out of 10 cases.
Its serious problem should not be ignored because it can result into stress, memory power, obesity and increased cholesterol level.

Normal symptoms are Stress, Increased Heart Beats, Irregular Periods, and Infecundity, Osteoporoses, Increased Cholesterol, Depression and No proper sleep.

Few common body symptoms detection can help preventing thyroid problem.

Family Medical History

If any of family members had thyroid problem then person required to be more attentive towards thyroid symptoms, because it increases chances of this problem.

Constipation Problem
Common symptom is having throat problem or pain while swallowing food and even not proper digestion, which is resulting into constipations.
Hair Fall
More than usual hair fall or weaken hair should be taken care, it can be cause of thyroid problem. Skin or scalp dryness also one of the thyroid symptom.

Joint Pain
In some cases there could be shiver/regular join pain and muscles pain also reported.

Weak Immune System
Immune system helps protecting our body towards diseases and infections.
But thyroid problem makes it weaken and infected person might have chances of multiple diseases.

Tiredness and Depression
Body pain, laziness and weak thinking, decision power and depression also main symptoms of thyroids.

Test and Diagnosis
Early detection only can protect from this harmful disease.
Above described symptoms should not be ignored at any cost including Weak hair, nails, and stress and irregular periods. Need expert thyroid blood test.
Natural Precautions

  1. Regular Exercises and Yoga
  2. Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits
  3. Regular Thyroid Checkup


Possible Treatments
At initial stage if problem or symptoms not detected then it case be serious issue.
Patient has to take medicines for life long. In some cases thyroid is removed by surgery.