Are you pregnant? Know Your Body Symptoms

Are you pregnant? Know Your Body Symptoms

It’s a really pleasant feeling which mother has when knowing she is going to give birth to a new little life. Dream comes into reality after lots of imagination about precious happy moments with new baby inside you.

Life’s happiest moment starts when mother get to know about her pregnancy.

Before you try pregnancy test kit or get doctors confirmation on your pregnancy,
Your body indicates whether you are pregnant or not.

Little awareness of body responses makes women ready and careful in advance during special days. Pregnant women receive following indications from her body.
If you are expecting pregnancy days and waiting for some indications to tell you this good news then here are some catches from your body symptoms.

A.  Spotting/ Short Bleeding
There are chances women gets spotting (Short bleeding) as if normal periods started after two weeks of pregnancy time. But It will suddenly stops which is an indication from body that implantation process has started.

B. Breast Pain
Starting days of pregnancy women might get breast pain which can be continuous and incremental.

C. Breast Color Change
Breast natural color can turn into slight dark, which indicates pregnancy time and it can be confirmed with pregnancy kit test.

D. Urines Frequency
Due to hormones changes in the body, It is observed increasing frequency of urines.
E. Tiredness
Initial stage of pregnancy women might get extra tiredness due to incremental level of Progesterone hormones.

F. Change In Food Habits
Sudden change in food habits also indicates pregnancy, for example sudden change in liking food which is not usually liked. Strange food demand which is not in regular diet.
This happens due to hormones changes in the body during pregnancy.

G. Change In Mood
Sudden or frequent change in mood or behavior like Irritation, sudden emotional behavior or anger also can be an indication of pregnancy.

H. Nausea and Vomiting
Without eating any cause of Nausea or Vomiting. If you are getting such symptoms from you body at any time of day, it can be pregnancy indication. It is not necessary for every women to have vomiting but still Nausea mood will be there during the day.

BeautyMyLife wishes every woman to have this special moment with proud, joy, happiness and care for little life inside you.