Quick Easy Hair Dandruff Home Treatment Solutions And Tips

Complete Hair Dandruff Home Treatment Solutions And Tips

Understanding cause of hair dandruff

Dandruff is very common scalp skin condition that causes white flakes dry skin.
Dandruff is not considered as contagious disease but in common opinion it found to be unattractive, embarrassing and unpleasant.

Sometimes dandruff problem is quite difficult to get rid of.
Scientifically dandruff is known as Seborrheic dermatitis caused top most scalp layer skin of dead cells.
Our body constantly producing new cells and body undergoes many hormone changes, old dead cells getting releases or separated from our body.
Medically dandruff is not serious disease but excess can lead to baldness, Itching, infections or hair falls.

Dandruff problems can be found both in men and women.

Why I got dandruff problems?

Hormonal imbalances, continuous stressful life style, ignoring proper diet and not washing hair/head properly.

There is no specific common cause for anyone who is having hair dandruff problem.

Using excess use of hair styling instruments like dryers, straighteners.
Overheating of scalp skin reduces moisture and make it dry to turn into flake.

Wrong selection of cosmetic (shampoo) products use can lead to damage natural skin moisture and can also build up gang builds.

Very Simple Home Remedies For Dandruff

  1. Most important solution is to keep scalp clean while washing it properly. This may require choosing good shampoo for washing your hair.
    Choosing good shampoo should be understood not only by its brand but shampoo should contain following ingredients:
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Zinc Pyrithione
  • Selenium Sulphide
  • Ketoconazole
  • Coal tar
  • Add Some natural ingredients also good


  1. Exposure to natural sunlight and a reduction in stress may help to control it.
  2. Oil massage, whipping up hair masks one in a while and to keep your scalp healthy
  3. If Dandruff causing unbearable itching or other skin problem then good consult a gynecologist.

Besides all above regular treatments there are following home remedies which are very effective in dandruff problem relief. These home remedies also strength your hair in many ways.
Following remedies also helps in preventing itchy skin, fungal infected hair


1. Henna (Also known as ‘Mehndi’ in India) Treatment

First comes first, Henna is most effective and easily available home remedy.
There are many ways we can apply while mixing with other natural ingredients for better results.
Henna is powerful in terms of dandruff cure, soften our hair, protection of natural hair.

Here is one the most common and effective method explain for first step towards dandruff treatment:

(A) Prepare tea liquor, boiling tea powder with water and let it cool down
(B) Prepare thick paste of Henna with tea liquor and few drops of lemon juice.
(C) Let set this mixture for around 8 hours.
(D) Apply this mixture on hair (including roots) and scalp.
(E) Wait for approximate 2 hours and wash it mild water gently.

Henna home treatment can be applied in regular intervals twice or thrice a month at least.
We can observe effectiveness and improvements on dandruff relief over the days of applying Henna treatment.

2. Curd Hair Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment

Applying curd on scalp and hair is again most effective way of get rid of dandruff problem.
Curd we can mix some other home remedies also like Amla, Shikakai.

Applying curd on regular basis frequently or daily can have improvement in hair quality as well as relief in dandruff problem.

(A) Nourish hair and scalp with curd (Remove excess greasy part from Curd ).
(B) Wait for around an hour.
(C) Rinse hair properly with mild shampoo and normal water.


3. Neem Juice Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment

Ancient well-known remedy with Neem, we all aware at least few benefits of Neem tree and its leaf.
Neem is very effective Anti-Bacterial power and wonderful remedy for dandruff problem.

(A) Prepare thick paste from bunch of fresh Neem leaf.
(B) Apply this thick paste on hair and scalp.
(C) Wait for 10 to 20 minutes.
(D) Wash it off with normal water.


4. Orange Peel Pack Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment

After enjoy eating orange, have sufficient amount of waste peels and use it for dandruff cure remedy.
Follow simple steps to prepare orange peel pack at home and get rid of wanted dandruff problem. Orange peel pack can be applied twice or thrice a week for better results.

(A) Grind orange peel in food processor/ Mixture grinder, prepare thick paste.
(B) Mix few drops of lemon juice.
(C) Apply this orange peel pack on scalp and hair roots.
(D) Wait for 30 minutes.
(E) Wash it off with mild shampoo and normal water.

5. Multani Mitti Powder Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment

Multani mitti again a easily available effective remedy which helps in recovering scalp skin, hair shine, hair softness, dandruff free silky hair.

(A) Prepare Multani Mitti thick paste with water.
(B) Mix few drops of lemon juice.
(C) Apply this thick paste on scalp and hair.
(D) Rinse it off with normal water.

6. Baking Powder Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment

Baking powder is easily available home remedy for dandruff cure. It is natural scrub which removes dead skin cells from scalp. It also prevents fungal infections.
Follow simple steps to prepare and recover from hair dandruff problem.

(A) Keep hair wet to spread Baking Powder easily.
(B) Apply a tea spoon (or mix with shampoo) of baking powder on your scalp skin.
(C) Wait for an hour.
(D) Wash head with normal water.

7. Tea Tree Oil Hair Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment

Depends on easy availability but Tea Tree oil also very effective dandruff home remedy.
It works like nourishing scalp skin with it and cure dandruff.
Follow simple steps to use it in proper manner for better results.

(A) Apply few drops of tea tree oil on root of hair on scalp.
(B) Have gentle massage on scalp and spread oil on scalp surface.
(C) Let skin absorb tea tree oil completely for 15-30 minutes.
(D) Wash with mild shampoo and normal water.

8. Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice Hair Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment

Well know and commonly used hair nourishing ancient remedy is Coconut oil. Coconut oil is thin to get absorbed by our skin.
Applying coconut oil daily, weekly or before bath are usual ways to nourish our hair, for making special treatment for dandruff treatment follow simple steps:

(A) Heat up required amount of coconut oil.
(B) Mix equal amount of lemon juice with cool/lukewarm coconut oil.
(C) Apply mixture gently on scalp and spread it on scalp skin with massage.
(D) Wait for 15-30 minutes.
(E) Wash it with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

As alternative method of using coconut oil, we can apply oil at night and cover our head with shower cap while sleeping and wash it with mild shampoo in the morning.

Coconut hair oil can also be used for deep conditioning treatment, applying coconut oil on scalp and hair roots. In daily manner, this process benefits like charm and strength to hair growth as well as nourishment.

In winter season or cold places, it required extra step to make it warm before applying on hair.
Even we might need to cover with warm towel or gentle dryer for few minutes.

In case if coconut oil makes hair greasy or sticky, apply before bath and wash it properly with mild regular shampoo.
We can opt for less quantity of oil to keep our scalp skin healthier and nourishment.

Note: Keeping hair applied for longer time may lead to fungal infection or bacterial skin flakes.

9. Fenugreek (Methi) Hair Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment

Fenugreek seeds, easily available home remedy for fixing hair dandruff problem.
There are many Ayurveda remedies made of Fenugreek seeds and it has many benefits while using as ingredient.

For hair dandruff problem follow these steps to cure:

(A) Soak fenugreek seed in water overnight.
(B) Drain the water and mash the soaked seeds to turn into thick paste.
(C) Apply thick paste on hair scalp.
(D) Wait for 30-60 minutes
(E) Wash it off with mild shampoo and normal water.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar remedy dandruff at home

Apple cider vinegar is also very powerful remedy for dandruff problem and following steps can be opt for applying it for cure

(A) Prepare water and cider vinegar solvent.
(B) After daily hair wash apply solution on scalp with finger tips on hair roots.
(C) Spread it over scalp skin with gentle massage
(D) Wait for 15-20 minutes
(E) Wash it with mild shampoo and normal water.


11. Garlic Home Remedy Hair Dandruff Treatment

Everyone know garlic clove strong smell and many of them might feel awkward using it as ointment remedy.
Garlic is having powerful anti-fungal natural remedy which can be used even for hair dandruff treatment.

(A) Take 2-3 garlic clove and mess it up to paste.
(B) Mix it with little quantity of water.
(C) Optionally ginger, lemon juice, honey can also be mixed with mixture.
(D) Spread it over scalp skin with gentle massage.
(E) Wait for 30-60 minutes
(F) Wash it with mild shampoo and normal water.

12. Aloe Vera Hair Dandruff Home Remedy Treatment


Many of us know Aloe Vera is very useful for skin care and skin care products.
Aloe Vera herb used in many ways at home for different home remedies and treatments.
It nourish skin and
Following steps will describe the way to use Aloe Vera for hair dandruff treatment:

(A) Peel and clean Aloe Vera
(B) Mess it and prepare transparent thick paste.
(C) Apply it on scalp skin with gentle massage
(D) Wait for 30-60 minutes
(E) Wash it with mild shampoo and normal water.

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